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Data Types

Default data type is 8-byte floating point.

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type operation defines example
Floating point (8 byte) automatic undeclared symbolic names, default alfa = beta
REAL initialized scalar REAL :: maximum = 1E8
vector REAL :: vec(123)
matrix REAL :: mtx(12, 34)
REAL, PARAMETER a symbolic name as a constant REAL :: pi=3.14
matrix DIMENSION M34(3, 4)
ALIAS new array with named elements ALIAS(Base=new, Number=a, Number=b)
sub-arrays of numeric array ALIAS(Base=old, Columns=4, Vector=V4, Rows=8, Matrix=M84)
ALLOCATE increase size of array ALLOCATE(vec, 12345)
DATA initialize DATA xyz/321/, vec/1, 2.3, 5/
String CHARACTER linear text string CHARACTER txt*8000
text with initialization CHARACTER alfa*4/'beta'/
ALIAS substrings of string ALIAS(Base=txt, Length=33, String=txtA, String=txtB)
ALLOCATE increase size of string ALLOCATE(txt, 1E6)
CHAR array of strings CHAR(nr, total, substring_nr)
integer INT, NINT, FLOOR, CEILING, STRUCT real to integer value three= INT(pi)
logical numeric expression FALSE if zero, TRUE if not zero true = 3 - 2
string comparison FALSE if not equal, TRUE if equal false = 'alfa' > 'beta'
Structure STRUCT compounds of integers, floats, strings, structures txt = STRUC(i4u=unsigned4byteinteger, r8p=pointertoreal8byte, STP=pointertostruct)
Fuzzy FUZ triangular distribution of a physical value over a set of neighbors FUZ(size, small, medium, large)

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