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Optional Function Arguments (Keywords) in HicEst

The syntax of HicEst functions with optional arguments is described along with the argument data type used in this documentation.

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type meaning of type example keyword example
NUM numeric VARIABLE required WINdowhandle = win=wh
num numeric argument required Height = H=20
[=NUM] optional num arg (default is n) Line = L=3
txt character argument required TeXt = tx='abc'
TXT character VARIABLE required TeXt = tx=Name
[O] optional char arg (default is 'O') Message = m='?Y2'
n/c numeric OR character required Edit = e=string
log num arg required, TRUE if not 0 UnderLine = ul= i<3
[T] TRUE if keyword is present APPend app
LBL on error jump to label ERror = er=999
vec vector argument (no subscripts) GetPosition = gp=PosVec
NxM numeric matrix as argument Matrix = m=mtx
arr vector OR matrix as argument Transpose = t=mtx
xpr expression to evaluate NUL = NUL= COS(x)
SUB subroutine name to be called CallBack = cb=sub
--- no argument Mark1 m1

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