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ALIAS: Dynamically Redefine Arrays and Strings

Share memory for strings or arrays to allow named substrings or subarrays, mostly for readability and ease of programming, but also to save memory.

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Optional keywords:
(Syntax of optional keywords)
Base Columns ERror Index Length Matrix Number Rows String TrailingSpace Vector
options type mini example remarks (Base must be the first option)
Base num B = numWS numWS will share memory with Vector=... and Matrix options
txt base = txtWS txtWS will share memory with following String=... options
Index num idx = start_position initial offset in Base, default = 1
Number num Base=NEW, Nr=X, N=y, n=zzz Defines a numeric vector NEW from the named elements X, y, zzz. These elements may not have been defined or referenced before.
Rows num r = nRows Number of numeric matrix rows, default = 1
Columns num c = nCols Number of vector elements or columns of a numeric matrix, default = 1
Vector num V = SUBCEC SUBVEC shares memory with Base with the prior defined number of cols.
Matrix num M = SUBMTX SUBMTX shares memory with Base, rows and cols as defined before.
Length num Len = nBytes Character count for following String=... option(s), default = 1.
String txt Str = SUBSTRING SUBSTRING shares memory with Base=txt. Its length must have been defined before by the Length option.
TrailingSpace TS = rest rest is a symbolic name for the unused part of Base, can be used as subBase.
ERror lbl err=999 branch to label 999 in case of error.
  1. Example : defines new_vector as a vector of length N:
  2. Example :
  3. Example :

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