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WRITE to String, File, Window, Messagebox, ClipBoard, StatusBar, TitleBar, TaskBar

How HicEst formats and outputs data, adds color, adds decoration or geometrical shapes, aligns data, selects fonts, renames, closes or deletes files.

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⇾append_formatted_list_to_string ⇾comma_separated_variables ⇾copy_list_to_clipboard ⇾current_time ⇾file_output_options ⇾fill_a_format_template ⇾formatting_output ⇾matrix_file_output ⇾maximum_numeric_output_digits ⇾move_a_file ⇾no_format_at_all_option ⇾output_medium_selection ⇾quote_list_items ⇾standard_format ⇾string_delimiters ⇾transparent_write ⇾window_output_options ⇾write_multi_column_output

Optional keywords:
(Syntax of optional keywords)
APPend Align BaCkcolor BolD CLoSe COLumnS ClipBoard Column DELETE DeCoRation ERror FIle FLUsh FONt ForeColor Format IOStat ITalic ItemS LENgth Messagebox PRint PoinT REName ROTate Rec Row StatusBar Text TitleBar UnderLine WINdowhandle

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